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Our Clinics

Family Planning, Contraception and HRT

Advice is available during surgery hours on all forms of family planning. We also fit implants, coils and caps. (Please specify requirements so that your appointment is made with the appropriate doctor or nurse.)

Ear Syringing

Please use ear drops for at least a week before making an appointment with one of our nurses. Hardened wax is not suitable for syringing. If you have earache, please see a doctor first.

Minor Surgery

We offer a wide range of minor surgical procedures, but you must see a doctor first. Please note, we cannot perform cosmetic procedures such as removing harmless but unsightly moles.

Blood Tests

We have blood test appointments available at the Surgery most mornings between 8:30am-10:00am. Blood tests at the Surgery must be booked via Reception. At other times, you can use other sites, such as St Helier Hospital to book your appointment.

Alternatively, you can contact St Helier to book a blood test on: 0208 296 2846.